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Do I Really Need SEO?

SEO is a continuous process. If you are not on top Pages of Search engine like Google, You are not winning the click. SEO lets you dictate how your website should be listed on search results.
Your website is the first point of contact with your online audience. It can give you valuable leads, qualify prospects and attract potential new customers, partners or investors. But unless people find it, an website is good for nothing. SEO plays an crucial role here.

Do I Really Need To Update My Web Design & Dev. To Latest Standards?

"Your Website Promote Your Business 24*7: No Employee Will Do That" . Your website works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Reader finds a website authority and expert, if it looks professional and loaded with useful information. Likewise, they’ll make adverse assumptions about your company, if site looks poorly designed and structure is out of date. Here at DataMapSolution, We use latest technology and dedicated mobile versions to create layout, which are harmonious and consistent to highlight your product or service.

Why Should We Hire You?

We have been online in our services for last 10 years or more now. You have to trust the old. At some point, your marketing and sales strategy will face the need to develop a custom digital marketing plan to guarantee constant growth. If your company has sufficient funds, you can create your own in-house team of professionals otherwise You can use our decade of experience for a successful collaboration. To take you ahead of your competitors, we have created some broad range of out-of-the-box solutions that can be customized & configured to match your specific business needs.

How Long Will It Take To See Improvements?

There are over 200 website ranking factors, and algorithms change many times every year. SEO is a combination of many techniques which help your website get relevant traffic and improve it's overall ranking. We have to analyze your website and it's different aspects to test your website on criteria like UI, UX, Mobile responsiveness, Website content, Technical errors, On-page changes, Backlink quality and overall improvement of website quality. Execution of strategy and continuous efforts for two to three months will make the targeted keywords rank better and improve the organic traffic of website.

Can You Share Some Of Your Past Clients & Testimonials?

Want to Talk to References? Our clients praise us for our results, personable service, expert knowledge & on-time delivery. We at DataMap beleive that, clients testimonials and case studies exemplify our ability to build market leading solutions by combining creative thinking, technology expertise and domain expertise. Rest assured, we will share list of clients with testimonials and case studies to make our strategic marketing initiatives even stronger and more powerful.

How Shall We Contact You?

Avail relentless support via Phone, Email, Chat and our Ticketing System 24x7x365.

You can Email Us At:

Sales Inquiries: sales@datamapsolution.com
Project Inquiries: support@datamapsolution.com
General Inquiries: info@datamapsolution.com
Hr & Admin: hr@datamapsolution.com

Do You Follow Google’s Guidelines, SEO, Web Designing Best Practices?

Search Engine Optimization best practices are a set of tasks designed to help improve a website’s search engine rankings. We strictly adhere to Google guidelines and White Hat techniques according to industry standards. Web designing and development and software codes are well documented and compatible with all latest software versions.

How Can I Track And Analyse Your Project Or Work Implementation?

At DataMap, our project tracking and monitoring proves invaluable in overall campaign. It will help you to understand project health and highlights the areas of concern on the project. We provides Bi-weekly and Monthly Work Report In Minute Details, Competitor Analysis Report, Infographics Visitor Analytics Report, Market Elaboration By Chart/Table/Graph, Monthly Google Analytics Report etc. to provide you a closer look at how the project is performing.

What Is The Billing And Pricing Structure For Your Services?

We will setup a value-based quotation according to industry standard for our one's products/services. Pricing structure depends upon type of services, volume of manhours, and any additinal commitment incase of Paid advertising for your website. We accept all international payments gateways across the world. The payment structure are billed onetime, fixed, or be on a monthly basis. We accept all major international payment gateways

What happens If We Cancel The Contract?

We require a written notice via email or letter prior to the termination of project work. It will allow us to make the necessary changes in our campaign. There will be full cooperation from our side and will handover all necessary credentials created by us. It’s our utmost priority and commitment for the safety of data and logins created for clients. Rest assured, We strictly adhere to business ethics and commitment at all circumstances.

How Long Is Your Web Design & Development Process?

Building a custom website from the ground up takes time. you might be looking at a timeline of weeks or months. Website timeline includes discovery phase, design phase, development phase, modification phase, migration and launch phase. This ultimate factor is the top variable and largely depends on you, the client. It involves reviewing the website, making change requests, and finalizing content.

Do You Provide E-commerce Platform For Online Stores And Retail pos Systems?

We use all major eCommerce builders and point-of-sale (POS) solutions, that are flexible and offer a wide array of features. We will setup a robust E-commerce Platform for you, which will provide real-time analytics and reporting. It is also very easy for you to view, manage, track, edit, and update your inventory with this POS solution.

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